Thursday, April 9, 2015


My Lycean Way walk starts tomorrow and the organizing company has booked me into a hotel at the interesting village called Kayakoy.

The hotel which appears to be luxury b&b.

Cactus seems to be popular here.

Most of the buildings around the hotel are luxurious but not this one.

Sheep live there.

The local mosque. The bloke who calls the locals to prayer is not going to be called to Istanbul to demonstrate his abilities.


A good gate photo.

Yet another flat out dog.

It is worth reading more about this ruined village on the hillside.  Do a search with keywords 'BBC' and 'Karakoy'. Look for the Turkey's religious ghost town.

Basically, the Greeks who lived in these houses were expelled in 1923. They were given 50 minutes to gather their possessions. Turks living in Greece were expelled and sent here. They did not stay because they were not farmers so the town became deserted. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1957.

As I bought my $2 ticket, these two English ladies were buying their tickets and told me the story of the town. I followed them for a while.

Remains of Greek blue.

A fireplace.

There are a couple of churches that are being restored and are not open to the public.

A well.

These last two photos are for Marianne.

I tracked my three mile walk an the highest point I reached was 262 feet up from the valley floor.


  1. I thought all the photos with gorgeous blue on the walls were for me!
    Thanks for the donkey photos, he looks tiny.

  2. I love the ruins and the goats!