Friday, April 17, 2015

Karadere - a picnic on the rock

I organized my walking trip through a group called Bespoke Turkey. They are a husband and wife team, Ashley who is English and Aysegul who is Turkish. They have a young son, Lucas and are wonderful hosts who made me feel like an honoured guest of the family.

View from the terrace. I mostly ate indoors with the family because it was a bit too cold outside.

Asyegul with her homemade lemon and orange drink.

Charlie, a rescue dog. Very friendly.

They picked up Lucas at school. Children all love to play.

There are square miles of tomato farms.

Patara beach.

There is not much accommodation beside the Way in this area. The Dutch woman was wondering if she would have the courage to stay here at this other pension because the reviews said the owner was strange. They also had fierce looking dogs barking.

They became  important.

Lucas playing beside a fire pit.

Delicious little fish.

Ashley and I went for a walk after lunch. When we returned we discovered that Lucas had a  fire in the pit. We managed to get most of the flames out but the fire was still smoldering. Asyegul drove off to get water to put the fire out completely but she did not see a large rock in front of the car as she put pedal to the metal.

The car was stuck.

We used stones to build a ramp for the wheels and a nearby shepherd helped us free the car. Lucas had asked the shepherd for help.

There was talk of a smacked bottom and it did not belong to Lucas.

Later in the day I walked with Ashley and Charlie on their loop around the hill which they do morning and evening. It's good for both of them.

It had been a lovely day.

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