Thursday, April 2, 2015

Istanbul - Topkapi Palace

One of my favorite films is the crime comedy Topkapi where a group of thieves attempt to steal the bejeweled Topkapi Dagger. It has an incredible scene where the dagger is stolen by one of the gang who is lowered through a window in the roof of the palace.

To see this Palace was one of the reasons I decided to come to Turkey.

A beautiful day for strolling up to one of the gates. There was a long queue but I persevered. I had come a long way to see this.

Distinctive cupolas.

Old tree.

Entrance to the Imperial Council Hall.

Queue for the Treasury rooms where the Dagger is displayed.

The queue moved very slowly.

The queue behind me.

The entrance to the first Treasury room.

The roof of the room. Photography of the contents is not possible because of the crowds.

I did get to see the Dagger or possibly a replica. It lies in a dimly lit case, nothing like the scene in the film where it is displayed on a statue. The film is much better than the real thing.

Just outside the second Treasury room is this balcony with an incredible view.

The Bosphorus. There was a lovely breeze.

The light house that plays a significant role in the robbery.

This section contains several important relics for the Muslim faith including a cast of Mohammed's foot as well as King David's sword.

I suppose I was a bit disappointed by the Treasury rooms, but the rest of the Palace was interesting. Now it was time to visit the Harem.

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