Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Selcuk to Pamukkale

In some ways this is a rest day for me. A three hour train ride and a 20 minute ride in a dolmus which is a minibus that transports Turks for short distances.

The train arrived on time at Selcuk station.

The train was crowded enough that I could not get a window seat which was a pity because the scenery was spectacular for the first few miles. Eventually the person next to me got off the train and I could start taking photos.

Tomato growing farm.

The line ends at Denizli and after asking a few people for directions I boarded a dolmus at the bus station across the street from the station.

A dolmus is a minibus that Turks use for short journies. The 20 minute ride to Pamukkale cost less than $2.

Above is a typical street scene in Pamukkale.

Now that is a hang dog face,

I can see this from my hotel window which will be the subject of the next blog.

There are plenty of restaurants, all touristy. The owner reminded me of the drunk cook in the film Topkapi.

I realized that I had not had any lamb in Turkey so  I ordered this. Unfortunately the meat was overcooked and tough. The rice was good. The salad and chips were average. Not a memorable meal.

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