Friday, April 3, 2015

Istanbul - Hagia Sophia

It's just a short walk from the Blue Mosque to Hagia Sophia.

It was built as a Christian church in 537 and was the world's largest church until St Peters was built in Rome.

The Moslems turned it into a mosque in 1453 when they conquered the city. It remained a mosque until 1935 when Atatürk made it a museum.

There was a long queue to get tickets but eventually I got in. 

Outer hall.

Inside the main chamber. To the left is scaffolding for repairs.


The scaffolding almost looks like an organ.

See photo below.

Humungous chandelier.

Notice the straps around the column.

People put their hand an make a wish. Every now and then a blade descends and cuts off a hand. Just kidding.

Ramp to the upper gallery.

Upper gallery.

Faded frescoes.

View down to the floor.

The Moslems stuccoed over most of the religious images. Some mosaics have survived.

A marble door.

An enormous baptismal basin.

It really is quite a building.

It was threatening rain again so I went back to the hotel for as long nap.

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