Tuesday, April 14, 2015

lycean Way - day 2 - Faralya to Kabak

Despite the rigors of the belly dancing, people seemed to have recovered at breakfast.

Early morning light.

The dining room where the belly dancing occurred.

Debbie and Catherine (maybe with a K), who I walked with later in the day.  I met them again at Bel when I was picked up to go to Karadere.

The Maybeck School staff.

The kids and their washing.

I walked down the hill and came to this view. I shared it with a Turk who lived in Scaggsville, MD and was visiting the area.

Following the two English ladies. They had also done Coast to Coast and were both very cheerful and enjoyed a laugh.

A good spot to camp.

The views never stop.

I will subsequently add more photos and blogs when I get to a location with faster upload speeds. Download speeds are fine along this coastline, but upload is very slow. Be patient, the scenery is wonderful.

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