Friday, April 17, 2015

Lycean Way - day 4 - Alinca to Bel and Karadere

It was a bit cold in the treehouse hut and I used plenty of blankets. There was no internet so Marianne would need to wait until I got to Karadere before I could send her a message to say I was alive and well.

The four Germans along with the woman from Amsterdam and myself headed off after another good breakfast. The Dutch woman, Dana, paid 70 Turkish lira ($30) for the night including dinner and breakfast.

View from my hut in the early morning. There was not heat in the hut so it was a bit cold during the night but there were plenty of blankets.

We started down the hill from Alinca. You can see where I stayed a the top middle.

The guides warn you not to attempt this section in bad weather and with good reason. The alternative is just to follow the road.

It looks more dangerous than it is, but you do need to be careful. I find that my pole is really helpful for these sections.

Piles of stones used as markers along with the red and white paint. A couple of days later when I walked with Ashley, he would add more stones to piles that had need them.

Rest stop. It's not a race and a few minutes to drink some water and catch your breath is very useful.

Smoke from bee hive.

A shaded level section like this becomes a joy to walk along.

Easy walking and absolutely delightful. To be honest, this is my favourite style of walking.

This blog became too large for my tablet to handle. The rest of it is in the next blog entry.

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