Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lycean Way - last day - aqueduct to Uzumlu

Ashley was my guide for this walk and I was very glad to have him along.

Early morning view. You could get used to this.

We both wore shorts because it promised to be a warm day. However, my legs subsequently got scratched a bit from low brush. We both had plenty of water.

The start of the walk.

We passed  a cemetery. The person was not 671 years old. The Turks have an alternate way of determining the date.

Ashley surveys the view. He was fun to walk with and he told me a lot about running the business.

Part of the aqueduct. Marianne, I don't think you would enjoy this bit. Part of the crossing was tricky.

For a while we walked in this 2000 year old structure.

Water has been running like this for 2000 years.

There was s good deal of uphill walking and clambering. We both got scratches on our bare legs and I was glad to have my hiking stick.

Ashley took me off the Way to see the source of the water where two underground streams join.

A damaged turtle but it seemed to be OK.

90% of Russia's tomatoes come from this plain.

The soil is very red near Uzumlu and with all the rocks I reckon you could make decent wine there.

Uzumlu means Grape.

Ashley called Aysegul who picked us up in the car and took us for a well earned beer in Kalkan.

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  1. Amazing! I didn't know tomatoes were a big industry there.