Sunday, April 5, 2015


It seems like I know quite a few people who have been here so I hope this blog invokes good memories.

Efes is also the name of the beer sold in Turkey.

I had actually arrived at the exit but it didn't matter.

The amphitheater.

More of the aqueduct that extended from Selcuk.

Quickly I realized that a lot of Ephesus is fields filled with sundry like bits of ruins lined up.

However there are parts where you can see things as they were.

Now this is impressive to begin with. Then you remember that St Paul preached here and was not well received.
Of course, Mick Jagger would have done better two thousand years later.

The lady was talking to her husband at the top.

The Library of  Celsus.

One of the four statues in the portico.

Behind the grand facade.

The back of the portico.

Looking up the main drag to the entrance. The hordes of tourists had arrived.

Mosaic beside the path.

I had been thinking that a symphony orchestra would probably sound good in the big amphitheater. This smaller version would have been good for chamber music.

Looking down the main drag. To the top left you can see a modern structure that shelters some terrace houses which get their own blog.

Using the zoom lenses at max, you can see some water. At one time, Ephesus was by the sea but the bay filled with sediment. I suspect that the water marks where the sea came to all those years ago.

I walked back to my entrance and took a dolmus back to Selcuk for $1.

At least I had a nice day for this. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain.

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