Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The fish dinner at Selcuk

I have been fortunate that on some of my journies to have a meal that has been cooked for me by a local. It has happened again here in Selcuk.

The dining room for cooler weather. This is where I ate.

Yes, it would be a great room for my stereo system.

A normal Turkish breakfast. I also had some scrambled eggs. The owner of the hotel was very friendly and we talked for quite a while. He offered to cook fish for dinner and I accepted his offer.

At the appointed hour of 7 pm I wandered upstairs to see a pair of local fresh fish.

And a huge salad.

The coals which came from olive tree wood.

The fish are doused liberally with olive oil and cooked.

Views from the hotel. In the last photo you can see the harbour near Ephesus.

The meal. We drank Raki which is similar to Ouzo but better. The fish was absolutely delicious. Eat your hearts out, Marianne and Robin.

We had a long conversation about Turkey, travel and all sorts of food. It was a memorable meal.

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