Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lycean Way - day 3 - Kabak to Alinca

It was quite cold at Kabak as I ate my breakfast on the large balcony. The wind had died down but it was good to get on the path again.

One of the huts at the hotel.

Small stream that flowed down to the beach.

I met a bloke from Nottingham who was wearing a rather spiffy backpack.

The bloke from Nottingham. He was walking faster than I was but I caught up to him later. Like many walkers, he was taking a break to get his life sorted out.

A Dutch woman joined us. She too was doing the 'break from life' thing.

Dutch woman and English bloke. While it is good to walk by yourself, it is much safer to walk in groups when the path is narrow with steep drops.

We arrived at Alinca and noticed some sort of hotel with a magnificent view. It turned out to be where I was due to stay. This is the the hotel terrace.

View from the terrace. I asked the owner if he looked at the view very often and he said no. If you have lived there your entire life, it is just normal.

The Dutch woman negotiated a low price to stay the evening and have dinner and breakfast. The English bloke continued on.

I was glad to stop and have an afternoon nap.

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