Friday, April 3, 2015

Istanbul - Blue Mosque

After my long day yesterday, I could have an easier day looking at just two of the major sights. The first was the Blue Mosque.

Entrance from the Hippodrome where the obelisks stand.

Steps to the main entrance but only for believers.

One of the six minarets. The loudspeakers broadcast the call to prayer. I am gradually getting to appreciate the beauty of the singing. At first you could call it wailing but some of the singers deliver a very powerful performance.

The first call of the day is about 5:45 and serves as an alarm clock that you cannot turn off. I use earplugs.

Believers are supposed to be clean before entering a mosque.

Non believers enter via a side entrance with a long queue. It was a dismal and cold day so not pleasant standing in line.

A hut where females could get a head covering.

Dress rules.

Off with my booties. Plastic bags are provided so that you can carry them.

Non believers can only go into an outer part of the main chamber.

You may be able to see many fine wires going up to the ceiling. They suspend the chandeliers.

The greater part of the mosque is reserved for male believers.

The mosque is also closed to non believers during prayers. 

Some visiting believers looking at the mirhab.

Section at the back where women can pray.

After exiting the mosque the weather had cleared. I put on my boots and wandered off to the nearby Hagia Sophia.

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